Mrs. Hilda McDonald is the ECS Board Spotlight in April

Mrs. Hilda McDonald, a retired Elkin High School teacher, was honored as the Board Spotlight at the April 14, 2014 Elkin City Schools Board of Education meeting.   The recognition of her educational achievements and influence on youth in the Elkin Community was at the request of Dr. Robert Landry, a former Elkin High School student of Mrs. McDonald.  Dr. Landry in his professional career has been a teacher, superintendent of Davie County Schools, works with the North Carolina Commissioner for the Education Commission of States and currently serves as the president of ChoiceGrowth.  In his most recent publication, Please, Let Me Teach (2014), Dr. Landry dedicated his work to Mrs. McDonald.

Dr. Landry described the impact of Mrs. McDonald’s teaching and the positive encouragement she provided to every student to always do his/her best work.  He commented that had it not been for Mrs. McDonald, he would have never considered furthering his education at the college level. 

“She was highly passionate, always wanting to engage with her students.  In retirement, she is revered by her former students-indifferent to the level at which she taught or our life status.  Undoubtedly, Mrs. McDonald is the best teacher many of us ever had, or will have.  Mrs. McDonald will always be remembered as the model of superior teaching; the best.” 

Dr. Landry also provided insight into the career of Mrs. McDonald.  A graduate of East Carolina University and UNC-Chapel Hill, Mrs. McDonald taught two years in the Guilford County Schools, six years in the Yadkin County Schools and twenty years (1957-1986) in the Elkin City Schools.  Dr. Randy Bledsoe, superintendent of Elkin City Schools, presented Mrs. McDonald with a Certificate of Recognition for her years of service to Elkin City Schools.  The Elkin City Schools Board of Education and the Administrative Leadership team were honored to have Mrs. McDonald as the Board Spotlight for April 2014.

In attendance for the recognition event were her four children:  Betty Allison, Barbara Wilkerson, Bill McDonald and Marian Lytle.  Also in attendance were Claire Wilkerson and Nate Lytle.   Mrs. McDonald has ten grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  Mrs. McDonald continues to reside in Elkin. 

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