Elkin City Schools Ranks 3rd Overall among North Carolina School Districts for Student Proficiency

Mapping NC student overall proficiency by district, 2013-14

In a recent study by the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute on May 18, 2015, Elkin City Schools ranks 3rd in North Carolina in overall student proficiency based on 2013-2014 student assessments.  The study looked at the newest proficiency data for school districts for end-of-grade (EOG) and end-of-course (EOC) exams. EOG proficiency rates reflect the share of all end-of-grade tests taken (3rd-8th for reading and math, 5th-8th for science) that were scored proficient. EOC proficiency rates are the percent of all end-of-course tests taken (in Math I, Biology, and English II) that were proficient.  The overall proficiency rates are the percent of all EOG and EOC tests taken and scored as proficient.

A few observations about the data:

·     Elkin City Schools has the 2nd  highest ranking for EOC (Elkin High School) test scores

·     Elkin City Schools has the 4th highest ranking for EOG (Elkin Elementary School and Elkin Middle School) test scores.

·     Elkin City Schools is Ranked #1 in North Carolina in 5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Math, and Math I at Elkin High School..  Elkin is Ranked 3rd in the state in 4th Grade Reading, 7th Grade Reading and 7th Grade Science.

      Only  8 school districts (including Elkin High School) had EOC proficiency rates greater than 70%.


- For more information on statewide student proficiency, please go to: https://www.ednc.org/map/2015/05/mapping-nc-student-overall-proficiency-by-district-2013-14/#sthash.oQFx5PYV.dpuf


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