Tuesday, June 2 Elkin Elementary and Elkin Middle School students will begin the end of year testing.  The exams will include: End-of-Grade assessments for grades 3-8 in English Language Arts, Mathematics and North Carolina Final Exams for 6th and 7th grade Science and 6th, 7th and 8th grade Social Studies. We will test in the mornings beginning at 8:00.  The exams are a tool to evaluate the knowledge the student has gained in the content being tested.  Please encourage your child to do their best.  A few tips to remember and help each student to do their best are:

  1. Have a positive attitude –approach the big test as you would approach a jigsaw puzzle.  A positive attitude goes a long way toward success.
  2. The night before –cramming doesn’t work.  The night before, do a quick review and get to bed early.  Remember, your brain and body need sleep to function well, so don’t stay up late!
  3. Eat a good breakfast –Did you know that you think better when you have a full stomach?  So don’t skip breakfast the morning of the test.
  4. When feeling anxious, take 5 deep breaths every once in a while.  Know that guessing doesn’t count against you.
  5. Multiple-choice – don’t rush.  On multiple-choice items, force yourself to read each possible choice carefully before selecting an answer.  Remember, some choices appear correct at a first glance but turn out to be wrong when you take a closer look.  The process of elimination can help you choose a correct answer in a multiple-choice question.  Start by crossing off the answers that couldn’t be right.  Then spend your time focusing on the possible correct choices before selecting your answer.  When in doubt…guess!  If it requires a written answer, be sure to write a response for every item.
  6. For Reading passages followed with a series of questions –Read the questions first and then read the passage.
  7. I’m Stuck! – Those tricky problems can knock you off balance.  Don’t get worried or frustrated.  Reread the question to make sure you understand it, and then try to solve it the best way you know how.  If you’re still stuck, mark it or flag it and move on.  You can come back to it later.  What if you have no idea about the answer?  Review your options and make the best guess you can.
  8. I’m Done! –Not so fast – when you complete the last item on the test, remember that you’re not done yet.  First, check the clock and go back to review your answers, making sure that you didn’t make any careless mistakes (such as putting the right answer in the wrong place or skipping a question).  Spend the last remaining minutes going over the hardest problems before you turn in your test.

Following these tips will reassure you that you have done your best!


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