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Beginning Teacher Support Program

The main focus of Elkin City Schools is student learning and achievement.  In order to ensure learning and continuous progress of all students, we must maintain high expectations of all teachers.  High expectations must be coupled with strong support for teachers as they strive to promote student achievement and effective classroom management that enables teaching and learning to take place.  Ongoing support helps to ensure that teachers maintain exemplary practices and teachers are retained in the profession. It is our goal to provide beginning teachers the necessary tools and resources to ensure personal and professional growth.


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Mentors Knowledge and Skills of an Effective Mentor


An effective mentor possesses knowledge and skills in research-based best practices

with both adult learners and students in the classroom. Mentoring knowledge deepens

and skills improve with practice. This document may be used to guide professional

growth for experienced mentors as they continue to develop their practice.



A skillful mentor…

 Understands organizational change and effects change through role as mentor

 Builds capacity and sustainable leadership in teachers and other mentors

 Builds a strong network to support mentoring work (teacher leaders, administrators, experts, human resources staff, principals, union representatives, university faculty, state officials)

 Skillfully communicates in difficult situations (i.e., resistance, difficult topics/conversations)

 Listens for underlying needs and reads body language

 Helps facilitate conflict resolution

 Diplomatically honors confidentiality while promoting teacher growth

 Recognizes situations that break the professional code of conduct and necessitate breaking of confidentiality



A skillful mentor…

 Fluently uses coaching practices to promote reflective thinking

 Shifts stance/approach (coach-collaborate-consult) according to teacher need

 Assesses teacher needs and strengths and determines when to support, challenge and facilitate vision

 Coaches other mentors and is willing to be coached

 Uses knowledge of resources to provide teachers with appropriate professional growth experiences

 Models reflective thinking to promote improved instructional practice

 Collects, selects and arranges data to facilitate conversations that improve instructional practice

 Fosters a desire for growth in new teachers and understands how mentoring can facilitate this growth



A skillful mentor…

 Knows and applies adult learning theory

 Uses effective practice when instructing/presenting to students and adults

 Plans an appropriate timeline of professional development for new teachers

 Uses knowledge of adult learning theory to deliver effective professional development

 Understands how the many dimensions of diversity affect adult relationships



A skillful mentor…

 Deepens content expertise, theory and pedagogy

 Deepens knowledge and use of current, appropriate technology

 Facilitates application of appropriate Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) and Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)



A skillful mentor…

 Understands professional certification requirements

 Assists with professional growth planning and career counseling

 Observes and identifies next steps in classroom management and discipline

 Understands deeply the developmental needs and phases of a teacher in the early years

 Recognizes the diverse backgrounds and needs of new teachers and differentiates support appropriately

 Coaches around effective parent, staff and community communication

 Assists teacher in building networks of support

 Guides teachers to understand and/or use:

state/local learning goals and professional teaching standards in planning

a range of ongoing assessments (data) to guide instruction

diverse student needs to personalize and differentiate instruction

unique needs of students, parents and the community

the need to create a classroom community of tolerance and acceptance



A skillful mentor…

 Adjusts approach to coach teachers in a variety of school cultures and climates

 Seeks to represent and build understanding of beginning teachers’ needs and strengths among others in the school community


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