ESL: English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language
EES: Angela Purdy
Monica Fernandez
Ivonne hall

EMS/EHS: Pilar Sarria

In 1993-94, Elkin City Schools had four Limited English Proficient  (LEP) students in our school system.  By 1996-97, that number had risen to 23; and by 1999-2000, to 80; and by 2006-2007 to 148.  While our numbers continue to increase, most of these students are native Spanish speakers.  Our school system welcomes this new population, and we continue to search for effective ways to help the children and their families find success in our schools and community.

As our needs have grown, so has our staff.  Three highly qualified and experienced teachers and a Spanish translator serve our students.  Mrs. Monica Fernandez and Mrs. Angela Purdy serve our students at the elementary school. Mrs. Mrs. Ivonne Hall is our translator. Mrs. Pilar Sarria serves the middle school and the high school students.

We still strive to improve in all areas of instruction, specifically in helping classroom teachers use effective modifications.  We will ensure that all LEP students receive the language acquisition assistance they need to effectively participate in the regular instructional program.

ESL Program Parent Information Guide

ECS: ESL Program Plan for English Language Learners