How do I become a substitute teacher?

How do I become a substitute teacher?
Effective March 23, 2009, the Elkin City Schools System requires that anyone interested in becoming a substitute teacher complete “Effective Teacher Training (ETT) for Substitutes” prior to becoming a substitute teacher. This training is offered through an online module which can be found at Scroll down to “Substitute Teacher Certification” or the ETT course can also be completed through Surry or Wilkes Community College.  You can contact Allison Moxley at 336-835-3135 Ext. 226 to get more information.  Upon successful completion of the training, please complete an on line application (Go to website If you have a teaching certificate whether current or expired, you may use this certificate, in lieu of the Effective Teacher Training. Once you have submitted your application, please contact Allison Moxley at 336-835-3135 Ext. 226.
The substitute teacher process:
• Attend Effective Teacher Training through Online Module ( ) or Surry ( or Wilkes Community College. (
*  Contact one of the Principals at Elkin Elementary, Elkin Middle or Elkin High School to receive a recommendation.
• Present teacher certificate (current or expired)
• Upon approval by the Board of Education, you will be scheduled for New Employee Orientation.
Salary for substitutes:
* Certified teacher with current North Carolina license:                                                Daily rate: $103.00
* Expired/out-of-state teaching license, Effective Teacher Trained, Non-certified:  Daily rate:  $80.00