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Angela Land
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Elkin City Schools strives to serve identified exceptional children in the least restrictive environment in accordance with the state rules and regulations as outlined in NC Procedures Governing Programs and Services for Children with Disabilities and ECS local policy of Procedures Governing Programs for Exceptional Children.  Almost all of our exceptional students attain high school diplomas.

Seven highly qualified teachers serve identified exceptional students based on individualized educational plans.  A compliance specialist, program director, two speech language pathologists, clerical/data manager, two preschool teachers, two school health assistants and eleven paraeducators are employed to support the program.  Services for occupational therapy, physical therapy, audiology, and school psychology are contracted from service providers.


Exceptional Children

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McKinney-Vento Act: English

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Building Strong Foundations for Early Learning Elkin Elementary Preschool Program Highlights  5 Star Licensed Center  Provides direct, screening, and intervention instructional services for at-risk and inclusive preschool students ages 3-5 in two inclusive classrooms  Demographic Data Students 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 Caucasian 40% 52% 44% 50% Hispanic 55% 48% 52% 43% Multi-racial 5% 0% 4% …

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Safe, Drug Free and Healthy Schools

Welcome to Safe, Drug Free and Healthy Students Elkin City Schools is proud to be a safe and caring school system. Our schools are always involved in activities to inform students, parents and staff of ways to stay safe, drug/tobacco/alchohol free, and healthy and active. Elkin City Schools supports programs that prevent violence in and around …

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Section 504

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