May 02

NC Career and College Promise




“Every student – no matter where he or she lives in NC – must graduate from high school with what it really takes to succeed in a career, in a two- or four-year college or in Technical training.”
- Gov. Bev Perdue


In today’s global economy, successful careers could require a two-or four-year degree, a diploma or nationally recognized job credential.


Career & College Promise offers North Carolina high school students a clear path to success in college or in a career. The program is free to all students who maintain a “B” average and meet other eligibility requirements.


Career & College Promise is Gov. Bev Perdue’s commitment to helping every qualified student gain access to an affordable college education. Through a partnership of the Department of Public Instruction, the N.C. Community College System, the University of North Carolina system and many independent colleges and universities, North Carolina is helping eligible high school students to begin earning college credit at a community college campus at no cost to them or their families. Three pathways offer students the opportunity to earn:

  • College credit completely transferrable to all UNC System Institutions and many of North Carolina’s Independent Colleges and Universities.
  • A credential, certificate or diploma in a technical career.
  • A high school diploma and two years of college credit in four to five years through innovative cooperative high schools (limited availability).

For more information on the North Carolina Career and College Promise program, visit:


on the North Carolina Public Schools website