Apr 20

“Friends for Acceptance”

What started as a class project has led Elkin High School junior, Stephanie Prim on a mission to ensure that all students are equally accepted by their peers and eliminate bullying in Elkin City Schools.   Through a $1,000 Disney Friends for Change Grant from Youth Service America (YSA) and Disney to support her project, Stephanie intends to take small actions that will add up to a big change. 


Stephanie found a passion for teaching younger students the importance of taking a stand against cyber bullying through a class project as part of one of her high school courses.  Stephanie felt led then to begin a student club at Elkin Middle School called “Friends for Acceptance.”  Through meetings, fundraisers and activities, this group spreads the word that bullying others is wrong and can have devastating effects. 


Now, Stephanie and her club members wish to carry this message to Elkin Elementary students.  This grant will allow Stephanie to hold an assembly to teach 3rd grade students the importance of accepting others despite their differences. 

Fifty Friends for Change grants were offered domestically through a competitive application process, which identified youth-led projects that inspire kids, families and communities to work together.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to provide these students with this important information.  I am especially thankful to Disney and YSA for providing the funding that will allow me to make Elkin City Schools a safe place for learning,” states Stephanie Prim as she prepares for the event to be held on May 4, 2012.