May 16

Protect Yourself: Zika Information

The state has recommended the communicable disease staff in the LHD work closely with the school nurses as we approach the end of the school year on dispersing Zika information. They have requested that we provide educational links from CDC regarding Zika virus since many students and family members will be embarking on vacation to areas where active Zika transmission is occurring.  We believe if we could get this information home to children/parents perhaps in the final report card this year it would be very beneficial. Below in the first link is a coloring activity that helps children understand the importance of protecting themselves against mosquitos. This is a lengthy coloring activity but could possibly be ordered via CDC website for free if interested. The second link is an infographic on how to prevent bug bites including mosquitos and ticks when traveling to the American tropics or in general. The third link is a map of the areas currently experiencing active transmission of Zika. The fourth link is a simple infographic on prevention of mosquito bites around the home, with the Spanish link right underneath that one.


It is important to note that while we have had cases of Zika present in NC and the US, none of these have been a result of local mosquito to human transmission. All identified cases have been a result of travel to one of the affected areas and acquiring the bite while traveling. Zika has also been linked to sexual transmission from male partners who have traveled to female or male partners who have not traveled as well as in blood donations. As a reminder, individuals with Zika virus do not pose a risk to others around them, therefore there is no need for isolation of affected persons. It is recommended that these infected individuals remain indoors if possible to reduce the risk of being bitten by more mosquitos. There currently is no vaccine for Zika nor a treatment regimen. At this time, the only recommendation is symptom management while ill.

Activity Book

How to Prevent Bug Bites


Protect Yourself: English

Protect Your Self: Spanish